Eye Centers of South Florida  

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Services & Specialties

Refractive Cataract and Premium Implant Surgery
Comprehensive Ophthalmology
Contact Lenses (Soft & Rigid)
Glaucoma Laser & Surgery
Medical Retinal Diseases
Oculoplastic Surgery
Retina-Vitreous Diseases and Surgery

Services Provided

"No-Stitch" Cataract Surgery
?No-Patch? Cataract Surgery
Astigmatism Correction
Cataract and Implant Surgery
Clinical Research Trials
Comprehensive Exams
Contact Lenses (soft & rigid)
Corneal Transplants
Diabetic Eye Care
Diseases of the Retina & Vitreous
Dry Eye Management
Eyelid Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery
Glaucoma Management, Laser & Surgery
Low Vision Evaluations
Macular Degeneration
Optometric Evaluations
Patient Education Center
Photo-Dynamic Therapy for AMD
Pterygium Surgery
Refractive Cataract Surgery
Second Opinions
Secondary Implants
Vision Therapy
YAG laser for secondary cataracts

Updated 6/21/2019 (JIH)

Special Testing
Special Testing

A and B- Scan Ultrasounds
Automated Keratometry
Automated Refractometry
Computerized Corneal Topography
Computerized Visual Field Analysis
- Humphrey FDT
- Humphrey VF Analyser
Endothelial Specular Microscopy
External Photography
Fundus Photography
Fluorescein Angiography
Glare Evaluation (B.A.T)
Zeiss SD Cirrus OCT

Updated 6/21/2019 (JIH)

Care Philosophy

"Excellence in Eye Care" since 1985

Our Mission:

To provide high quality, ethical, affordable and accessible eye care that covers virtually all medical, surgical and cosmetic needs to residents of South Florida as well as to residents of the Caribbean and South America. We are strongly committed to deliver the care that is needed in ways that the patient understands and provides the highest quality vision possible. To preserve and restore sight is always our number one priority.

Our Goals:

The historic success of Dan & Hoffman, M.D.'s, P.A. dba Eye Centers of South Florida has continued for 4 decades. This has been achieved  by continuing to place the patient first in all that we do and by dedicated, strong, visionary physician leadership and professional management. All of these resources are focused on measurable high quality eye care services that patients, referring physicians, health plans and hospitals point to as being the best.

Eye Centers of South Florida has evolved into a dominant South Florida eye care services provider that sets care, costs and delivery standards that other providers want to emulate. This necessitates a deep commitment to ongoing "Total Quality Management" (TQM) principles and a "Continuous Quality Improvement" philosophy. We know that we're making progress when purchasers, referring physicians and other providers of care seek us out to be part of their network because of the value that we bring to eye care delivery.

VIP Eye Care is our competitive distinction and is the key to our long-term growth.

In our practice, every patient is a V.I.P.!

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